The Magnificent Cuisine of Seattle


Seattle, Washington is a unique city with a unique style. The city is home to millions of people who enjoy its fantastic cuisine. Here is a quick review of the amazing cuisine of Seattle that people all around the world has come to enjoy.
First up is Pike Place Market. While this storefront is not a particular type of cuisine it is does offer some of the best foods and dishes within the city. People not only travel to Pike Place Market for the entertainment but they also go for the great fish. This market has the ultimate salmon fish within the whole entire country. The citizens of Seattle truly enjoy this fish market and all that it has to offer.
According to critics, Beechers Handmade Cheese shop provides some of the best macaroni and cheese dishes within the country. This place is located within the Pike Place Market and is truly a great place for cheese wraps and cheese sauces for dishes.
Coffee is an extremely popular beverage within Seattle. Starbucks coffees are among the best that the city has to offer. There are many different specialty blends that are available for customers to consume. Dick’s is an extremely popular restaurant for Seattleites. Many local residents visit Dick’s as often as they can for their cheeseburger and fries combo meals.
Ezell’s is another great place for fast food inside of Seattle. Instead of burgers they offer fried chicken which is considered some of the best in the U.S. Geoduck is a uniquely flavored cuisine that quite a few people in Seattle. This creature is a type of snail creature that has an amazing taste.
On a warm day in Seattle many people like to drink Rachel’s Ginger Beer which comes in a variety of different flavors. It has a uniquely original flavor all of its own. Molly Moon’s ice cream is considered some of the best within the Pacific Northwest area. Ivar’s fish and chips is the premiere fast food fish restaurant.
Seattle also has other great food such as the Russian pastries known as Piroshkies or the Caribbean sandwiches from Paseo. Puyallup Fiar Scones, Teriyaki dishes and Top Pot Donuts are among the best in Seattle. All of these great foods and many more help to make the cuisine within the city of Seattle some of the best loved food in the country.

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